Saturday, 12 December 2009

Voiceover News

Ricky Salmon is the voiceover artist for a new batch of web videos for Cosmos Holidays.

Both Richard Cartridge and Bill Buckley make a welcome return to the airwaves of BBC Radio Solent. They have both worked there twice before!

Ricky Salmon is delighted to have been booked to train lawyers in media and presentation skills at Hammonds LLP.

Ricky Salmon is recording voiceovers for a huge batch of web videos for holidays in France and Croatia for Keycamp Holidays.

Ricky Salmon is the voiceover artist on a corporate video for Lloyds Banking Group.

Ricky Salmon has produced another podcast. Hear it, along with previous podcasts here: podcast.

We welcome former Capital Radio Presenter Mick Brown and legendary Radio and TV Presenter Bill Buckley to the BigFish Media team.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Voiceover business without the internet!

Terrific! On Tuesday afternoon the broadband connection to my office went down. Completely. It had been playing up all morning, but then after one of those wonderful "power cycles" to try to solve the problem, the internet failed. Completely.

How can you run an internet-based voiceover business without the internet? Quite Tricky.

Why the phone line (on which the broadband is carried) still works is a mystery to me - and my neighbour, a massage therapist - who had the opposite problem a few months back.

After a frustrating call routed via India and a guy instructing me on how to diagnose the problem which involved a series of increasingly bizarre questions, a screwdriver and the BT socket, he gave up and transferred me back to the UK.

Eventually a nice man from BT was promised on Thursday morning who would come out to fix the problem on what the nice woman in Southampton called " a free visit". Quite why she was so pleased to speak to someone else in "the south" I don't know. I was going to ask, and then reminisce about my seven years living there (working for BBC Radio Solent and Ocean Sound/Power FM) and my first ever professional voiceover engagement in Eastleigh, but I decided against it.

True to their word a nice little man from BT turned up today, got out his screwdriver and laptop, fiddled about under my desk and the mass of wires there and eventually diagnosed a faulty filter. He then apologised and said he'd have to charge me for the filter. (That's fair enough I thought). Oh and for his time. So which bit of the this was a "free visit"?

Still, I am delighted that the voice-over business is back up and running again. Now to that backlog of emails....

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Being a Voiceover Artist is Cool

I recently discovered this article on the voiceover industry.
Being a voice actor or voice talent is, it seems, in the “Ten jobs cooler than yours” list as drawn up by MSN. How lucky are we?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Voiceover Showreels

How often should a Voiceover Artist record a new Showreel?

If you are inexperienced or if you’re on your first or second voiceover showreel, wait until you’ve done a few paying jobs. That extra experience will help, because with voiceovers, there is a very steep learning curve in the beginning. Your next voiceover showreel will already be much smoother and your skills will be improved even after such a short time.

I’ve worked with many voiceovers who are still new to the game, and after a few rounds in studio, it’s like they’re a different voiceover. More confident, better and really starting to find their own style.

Experienced Voiceover Artist

Once you’ve had a certain amount of experience, the learning curve isn’t as steep anymore. Now you just have to make sure your voiceover showreel is “acting your age”. You don’t need to re-record your showreel every year.

You can refresh your existing showreel every couple of years or so. Do some simple editing, adding new voiceovers you’ve done and take out some of the older work.

New Voiceover Showreels

Then, commpletely re-record a new voiceover showreel every four years. Too often I’ve heard people sound really young on their demo, and then when you get them in studio, they sound nothing like they do on their showreel.

If your voiceover showreel is letting you down, if you recorded a showreel that you were never really happy with or if you aren't getting booked any more, do it now. And don't let friends convince you don't need to do it by giving your ego a massage!

Voiceover News

Voiceover Artist and Radio Presenter Michelle Horn, who's clients include BBC1, ITV1, MTV and Sky joins the BigFish Media team.

Rose Murphy has just recorded a voiceover for a commercial for Mahir London.

Ricky Salmon is the voiceover for PSM Motors on Kiss FM in Northern Ireland. Ricky has also recorded two voiceovers for corporate videos for NBC Group.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Voice-over Equipment

We are delighted to say that we have upgraded the BigFish Media studio and office with new equipment. We now have a brand new computer and kit which enables us to:
Record a voice-over artist on an incoming ISDN line;
Record the voice-over session at our studio at the same time as sending audio via ISDN;
Record telephone interviews (eg for podcasts);
Monitor and produce a voice-over session in the booth (via talkback to headphones); and
Clients will be able to produce a session while on the phone; the voice-over artist will hear them in their headphones.

New Voice-over Artists

We welcome ex Capital Radio and Smooth Radio Newsreader Sandy Warr to the BigFish Media voice-over team.
Ricky Salmon has recorded another voice-over for Southern Water; this time a presentation.
We welcome Sky News TV, LBC Journalist and Voice-over Artist Sasha Twining to the BigFish Media team.
Hannah Scott-Joynt has recorded another set of training voice-overs for British Gas.
Ricky Salmon has recorded another of many new voice-overs for Southern Water. He is also the new “on-hold” voice-over for Ryder and Natural Dental.