Saturday, 10 April 2010

Funny vocal direction for a voiceover artist

Following a previous blog about bizarre vocal direction for voiceover artists, here are some more tales from voice artists, producers and engineers to, hopefully, make you smile.

'I know this is 60 seconds of copy and we need it to be a 30 but can you still sound relaxed and leisurely?'

'The funniest, most absurd, or ridiculous voice over direction I ever received was for a cold product. I had to sneeze and the end of the copy, I sneezed a few times and the direction I received was make it 'wetter'. Then the creative said make it more 'Living roomy and wetter.'

'the producer said to me 'No, the character you are playing is not British. She's English. You know, from England!'

'I was producing a session recently for a major New York agency where the 'creatives' felt that the Voice wasn't making the tagline we were recording sound 'purple' enough... it was for a well-known soft drink. They kept saying 'It just doesn't sound purple to us, and blackcurrants are purple, right?'

'It was taking hours to do a job that should have taken minutes. The Voiceover Artist was stressed, the Creatives were stressed. It was a bad atmosphere. As the Engineer, I told them all to take a break and go outside the control room. Then I found an early take that was fine, chopped it out and cleaned it up. I then called them all back in to the studio, told them I'd 'processed' it with some 'special plugins' and time expanded it here and there. They all loved it. Job done.

A director told the Voice-over Artist to 'imagine you are in a jungle... how would you speak there?' (The character was supposed to be... 'in a jungle') The voiceover artist replies 'Yeah! I know what you mean! Thanks' One take. Job done.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Voiceover news for April 2010

Here is what we have been up to in the last month...

Ricky Salmon has recorded a voice-over for a presentation for Nicotinell.

Ricky Salmon is delighted to have been asked to open the new student radio station at the University of Portsmouth.

Ricky Salmon has recorded voiceover on-hold prompts for Poole
Waite and Company.

Ricky Salmon has recorded the voice-over for Centrica Kings
Lynn Power Station.

Ricky Salmon has recorded a voiceover for Simply Hunting.

We are delighted to have taken on new voiceover talent:
BBC 6 music presenter Chris Hawkins, French voiceover artist Caroline Crier, Actor Mark Field and Radio Station Imaging voiceover artist James Knight.

Steph Bower and Ricky Salmon have recorded voiceovers for a
presentation for "Alcohol in Moderation".

You can now see a clip of the BBC2 TV documentary, "When Aly
met Nicola" for which Steph Bower recorded the voiceover.

Ricky Salmon has recorded the voice-over for on-hold prompts
for Tayna Batteries

Ricky Salmon is the new voiceover for the Centrica Power
Station at Barry

Ricky Salmon has recorded more continuity announcements for the
World Radio Network

Ricky Salmon is the on-hold voiceover for

Sasha Twining has recorded a voice-over for DJ Biacoe

Ricky Salmon is has recorded a voiceover for