Saturday, 25 September 2010

Just Another Voiceover Directory?

Did you know that in April 2004 the government made it illegal for voiceover agents to charge up-front registration fees?

If you are seeking a voiceover agent make sure that you are not charged a joining or registration fee. Neither should you be charged a monthly or annual membership fee. There are a lot of websites which do charge a monthly or annual fee but these are either Voiceover Directories or dodgy agents who will take your money and not find you any voiceover work. Ever. They are not bona fide voiceover agents.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the BigFish Media Voiceover Agency, we have now launched our own Voiceover Directory. As a a Voicover Agecny we do not charge an annual fee; we do take a 20 per cent commission but only on work which we secure for you on a non-exclusive basis. However we do charge a small fee to be listed in our Voiceover Directory.

So, you may think, "Oh no not another directory!" but the difference between us and all the others (except for one), is that we are at - or very near the top - of page one of Google when you search for the highly competitive keywords "voiceover" or "voice-over".

We have invested in our website, we have invested in Search Engine Optimisation and this month we have had over 2,700 hits. It's time to invest in your voiceover career; our half-price introductory offer can't last forever.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Attempt at scamming a Voiceover Business

Recently at BigFish Media Voiceovers we received this spam - or scam - in our email inbox. The fact that it actually got through the spam filter, wasn't of the type of spam email we have all seen before and that it was personalised, took me in for a while.

Here is what it said:

"Dear CEO,

We are a domain name registrar centre in HongKong which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally, we have an important issue to confirm with you.

1. On the August 09, we received a formal application from a company named "Brilliant International Holdings Ltd" who are applying to register "bigfishmedia" as domain names and Internet keyword.

2. During our preliminary investigation, we found that these Domain Names' keyword is identical with your Trade Mark, this is why we inform you.

3. I wonder whether did you consigned "Brilliant International Holdings Ltd" to register these Domain Names and Internet Keyword with us? Or is "Brilliant International Holdings Ltd" your business partner?

4. If you do not have any relationship with this applicant, we assume that they have other purposes to obtain these Domain Names and Internet Keyword.

Currently, we have already postponed this company's application temporarily. Pls let the relevant principal make a confirmation with me ASAP.

Best Regards,


Sponsoring Registrar: Link net Service Company Limited

HongKong Office

Tel:+00852 95 660 489

Fax:+00852 30 696 940"

After replying to state that we have no interest in registering a BigFish Media domain in other countries -seeing as we are a UK-based voiceover business, we received the following:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

According to your reply, we know your decision.So we will finish the registration of third party asap.If there are some conflicts on the internet with third party in future,we will not be involved with it.

But as a domain names registeration organization,I suggest you had better protect internet keyword. Maybe you don't need these domains,however I hope you are aware of importance of internet keyword which is a kind of network brand and a stretch of brand which can protect the right of real brand and owner from being infringed,meanwhile,it can dispute relevant domain names once register it successfully. Including and other domain names.That's to say,if third party register the internet brand successfully,they have right to dispute your website. However,I think both of us wouldn't like to see this would happen.We know clearly it takes very long time and funds for successful brand established.So I want to finally confirm that you decide to give it up.Please confirm and let me know.I will have to complete their registration."

By now they really should have used my name and have known that we already have the domain and I was suspicious. Their website looks convincing but I had already decided to do an internet search on how to register the keyword BigFish Media as this is not something that I had ever heard of. And then, thanks to other people's blogs, I realised that this was a scam.

Quite what the scam is I don't know. Maybe they are just harvesting active email addresses from voiceover businesses? Or are they trying to pressure us into buying several domain names that we will never need? Or the mysterious registration of keywords. Who knows?


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Voiceover News for August 2010

Here is what we have been up to in August:

The translation of the scripts for three videos for the NHS into five languages (Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi) was completed. Then we began the recording and editing of the seven voiceover artists starting with the Bengali male voiceover artist, Hindi female voiceover artist, Urdu male voiceover artist and Gujarati female and  male voiceover artists.

Ricky Salmon recorded a second batch of voiceovers for videos for The Pen Warehouse website, another audio newsletter for Shopping Centre managers and on-hold voiceovers for Rover, Hastings Direct and Woolacotts Auto.

We have recorded the material for a voiceover showreel for aspiring cartoon voiceover woman Rachel Brooker.

Chris Hawkins recorded a final voiceover session for the finale of Channel Five's " Don't Stop Believing".

We also managed to get hold  of a copy of James Knight's voiceover for a TV advert being shown on ITV1 in the West Midlands.

And we are delighted to welcome Scottish Voiceover Artist James Sutherland and TV and Radio Presenter Lynsey Hooper to BigFish Media.

Ricky Salmon