Saturday, 30 April 2011

Voiceover News for April 2011

It's been a quiet-ish month for our Voiceover Agency due to Easter, our own holiday and too many bank holidays!

However we did spend a day filming in Greggs Bakery in Pontypridd for a video production for the LBRO, a Government QUANGO. This is the second video we are making for them.

Caroline voiced an instructional Fujitsu web video in French, Tony recorded the same video in Italian and Julia did the same but in German. Basabi recorded a voiceover for Barking NHS Trust in Bengali.

Mike recorded a voiceover for a trail for the Finnish TV series "Under The North Star",  Richard recorded a programme trail on SuperSport, Peter O recorded more voiceovers for Prince 2 E-Learning modules and James K recorded a voiceover for a video for a new business called Showcatcher

Ricky was the live Voice of God at the Meat and Poultry Processing Awards in Birmingham as well as voicing more on-hold prompts for Hastings Direct. And Hannah has recorded voiceovers for an E-Learning programme for British Gas.

We now offer Voice Training to aspring Voiceover Artists or people who need to be able to communicate more effectively in their job; we made a Voiceover Showreel for former BBC TV Continuity Announcer Sarah.

And finally we welcome Dutch Voiceover Artist Arno, Romanian Voiceover Artist Gabriela and German Voiceover Artists Audrey and Roy; Jane Farnham joined our Voiceover Directory.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to start your voiceover career

So by now you either have some experience of being an actor or a broadcaster. You have done your voice training and made your voiceover showreel. So what next?

Get yourself a good professional photograph as agents and some "pay to play" voiceover directories allow you to upload one. There are a number of voiceover directories which allow you to list your audio for free. They include Voice123,, and Bodalgo.

However many of the free sites may not generate much work for you (or they may restrict how their site functions until you pay a fee.) Some also require you to record an audtion for every job that you bid for, thereby encouraging voiceover artists to constantly lower their fees to get the work.

The BigFish Media Voiceover Directory is found on the free (or organic listings) on one page one of Google for the highly-competitive keywords of "voiceover" "voice-over" and "voice over". That's why we charge a small annual fee to be listed.

We have dealt with the technical aspects of setting up your own home studio in other blogs on this site, but should you invest in your own home studio? Do you even have the space and peace and quiet for one?

Alternatively try to find a local studio (or another voiceover artist who lives close to you) who may let you use their studio for a reasonable price. Then at least you can find out if you are employable. If you find that you are getting lots of work it's time to invest in your own voiceover booth!

So what next? Contact local radio stations and video production companies. It is a time-consuming marketing exercise, but by the time you have a dozen jobs under your belt you will know what your strenghts are. Maybe it is obvious to someone else in the industry if not you.

If you get booked for lots of local radio adverts but no e-learning then maybe this is what you are best at and should focus your energies on persuing radio and TV commercial work.

Unless you are exceptionally talented - and very lucky - you will probably have to get 2 or 3 years experience of the voiceover industry under your belt before a voiceover agent will consider taking you on.

In the meantime keep at it and update your voiceover showreel - as you should improve with practise. You should also not bother to approach advertising agencies as they only deal with the best voiceover talent via voiceover agencies.

And remember, there are very few full-time voiceover artists - most combine being a voiceover artist with production, writing, acting or radio or TV work.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Voiceover News for March 2011

Here is what we have been up to in March

We spent a day filming in Greggs Bakery in Pontypridd for a video production for a Government QUANGO.

Basabi recorded a voiceover for Barking NHS Trust in Bengali, Jacky recorded a voiceover for a Nordiflex DVD, Michelle recorded on-hold prompts for Lumley Direct, Peter O narrated a documentary about the Ancient Maya civilisation for the History Channel and Penny narrated a children's story - and voiced all the characters - for the Wireless Kids Theatre

Ricky was the live Voice of God at the Meat and Poultry Processing Awards in Birmingham, recorded a bunch of web videos for Keycamp holidays, a voiceover for Azko Nobel Powder Coatings and on-hold prompts for Metro Cup.

Tim Burden joined our Voiceover Directory; we now represent Dutch Voiceover Artists Christa and Hans and German Voiceover Artist Roy

New on the website this month: a podcast which Lynsey recorded for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Sally Beaumont's voiceover for the International Trade Union Confederation video. And improved search facilities means you can now search our voices by accent, age or language. Also we now offer Voice Training.

And we made Voiceover Showreels for TalkSport Newsreader Faye Carruthers and London Voiceover Artist Mick


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Voiceover Networking

Running a voiceover business we know how important social media is to its success. You know: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked In etc.

I have met a couple of real life friends through Facebook. We have also made a good few business contacts (both as voiceover artists and clients) the same way.

But this week we met a potential business partner through Twitter. In real life. And there I was thinking no-one actually reads what is posted there. How wrong can you be?

Anyway Phil runs a video production company also in Woking so we met for a cup of coffee and a chat about the day-to-day running and the challenges facing media production and voiceover businesses in 2011. We exchanged ideas and discussed how we might be able to help each other - or indeed work together - in the future.

It seems to have become the norm for people who live and work very close to each other to meet through an international medium of the internet.

Funny old world isn't it?