Saturday, 28 May 2011

Voiceover News May 2011

This is what we have been up to at our Voiceover Agency and Recording Studio  in May:

We had our first client for Voice Training. Our Voice Coach Sandy helped a client with her lack of self-confidence.

We filmed some additional interviewees at our TV Studio in Surrey for a video for the LBRO, a Government QUANGO. Peter O narrated an eight part series of "Crime Stories" for the Crime and Investigation Network and Steph recorded a voiceover for a TV Trail on BBC1: "Tonight's The Night with John Barrowman" 

Nicola recorded a voiceover for an instructional web video for Fujitsu's Kofax. David V recorded a voiceover for a radio commercial for La Pinta Beach Club. Hannah recorded a voiceover for a video for the MoD  and Michelle voiced on-hold prompts for Auto Direct

Ricky recorded the voiceovers for two more videos for Chiltern International Fire, an 
occupational health video, more voiceovers for videos on the Pen Warehouse website and a  video for Spendtrax from PRGX 

We welcome Radio 3 Presenter and Voiceover Artist Jill, Spanish Voiceover Artist Stella and Italian Voiceover Artist Lorella

We have made Voiceover Showreel for BBC Radio London Newsreader Katy Dartford and Sky TV Sports Presenter Vicky Gomersall. Rachel Brooker and Helen Quigley joined our Voiceover Directory


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Voiceover Man: Getting Old or Important?

A few weeks ago one of our Voiceover Artists asked me if I could countersign his passport application. Nathan was in a rush as he had lost his current passport and was about to take his girlfriend to France for a week.

I remember when I had to get my own passport application and get the photo signed on the back by someone important (Solicitor, Teacher, Doctor etc) who has known you for five years and isn't related to you. Apparenlty I was the only person he could think of who was available!

Anyway I told him that I wasn't important enough but apparently I am. I didn't know this - mainly because the Passport Authorities don't put it on the information they send you - but anybody who is the Company Director of a VAT-registered Limited Company is able to to this. Nathan got his passport and is looking forward to his holiday   

Then today - for the second time - another of my Voiceover Artists asked me for a personal reference, which I was more than happy to supply.

I think I must be important these days - either that or getting old!

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