Saturday, 30 July 2011

Voiceover News July 2011

Here is what our Voiceover Artists have been up to in July 2011. Apart from improving the look and sound of the voiceover studio from scratch and doubling the size of our office, that is! (see previous blog)

You can now see our latest completed video on our video production page. It was for the LBRO, a Government QUANGO. We now offer Life Coaching as well as Voiceover Training.

First of all the girls: Michelle recorded a voiceover for Digital Hive, Jill recorded a voice-over for a web video for Vodafone, Alexandra recorded voice-overs for two TagMan videos, Hannah recorded voice-overs for British Gas E-Learning modules and Natalie voiced for the IbidItrade website.

Now the boys: Graeme has recorded a sales promo for Xerox, Richard recorded a voiceover for B.A.T., Peter O voiced a video for Premier Bathrooms, James K recorded four web videos for and Andy was the voice-over for a trail for "Cowboy Builders" on Five.

Ricky recorded on-hold voice-overs for AVM Solutions, was the live aptly-named Voice of God at the Supermeat and Fish Awards at the Hilton Hotel in London alongside impressionist Alistair McGowan and recorded a voice-over for commercial for Regatta Radio.

We welcome Voiceover Artist Steffan, Radio legend and Voiceover Artist Nicky, American Voiceover Artist Bobbin and young Voiceover Artist Nathan.

And Duncan Woodhouse and Faye Carruthers has joined our Voice-over Directory.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Our New Voice Booth

As part of our building works to create a new larger office for our Voiceover Agency, we have also refurbished the Voice Booth to give much-improved audio quality. And it also looks so much better!

Here are the before, during and after photographs. First of all, how the voiceover studio has looked for many years:

After removing all the technical kit, a window, pipework and the acoustic tiles, the room was stripped back to the ceramic tiles.

Then I had an enjoyable ten minutes stripping the ceramic tiles, which having been in place for decades, just fell off the wall. Then I got bored and left the rest to a professional.

An electrician chased in the light switch and sockets. Now the voiceover booth was ready for plastering.

Then the voiceover booth was in it's Friday night state: completely plastered.

After a quick slap of paint, the microphone and other technical kit was put back in but still there was a little something missing:

Ah yes - that's better.

Now, once the halogen lights in the voiceover booth have been replaced with LEDs which don't emit any heat, we'll be laughing!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Voice-over News for June 2011

Here is what we have been up to in June:

We finished editing a video production for the LBRO, a Government QUANGO.

Stefania Linbonton and the fabulously-named George Washington III paid to join our Voiceover Directory.

We now represent young American Voiceover Artist Jessica, Italian Voiceover Artist Max, French Voiceover Artist Cecile, experienced UK Voiceover Artists Jacky and Sue.
Mike recorded a voice-over for a video for Finning Power Systems, Viv recorded a voice-over for a video for NHS employees about how to cope with stress at work, Steph recorded a  trail on BBC Radio Scotland: "Ski-ing for Ghana", Sara voiced more on-hold prompts for LG, Graeme  recorded a video for Ballantines, Sue recorded the voice-over for a video about the Dudley Canal, Peter O recorded the final batch of voice-overs for Prince 2 E-Learning videos, Hannah updated her voice-over recording for a video for the MoD and Michelle recorded on-hold prompts for Able Debt Recovery Services

Ricky recorded a commercial for Mood FM in Jordan, a video board for SMART, a podcast for Covance Bio Analytical and on-hold prompts for Major Housing Association.

And we made a Voiceover Showreel for Australian Broadcaster Russell.