Saturday, 1 December 2012

BigFish Media Voiceover News November 2012

November was a busy and wonderfully varied month at BigFish Media towers:

We provided the translation of a French script into English for a video for the French retailer Castorama, we gave Voice Training to aspiring voice artist Doron from London and did the audio production for on-hold prompts for Tasman Industries which were voiced by Sandy

Amongst our other UKfemale voices, Corrie recorded a new set of trails and imaging liners for UCB Radio and a voiceover for the O.R.Society. Sally recorded a voiceover for a video of the patients' guide to Colomycin, Charlotte voiced two videos for Tribal Fusion in her American accent and Michelle and Sara were both featured on a commercial for the Intercontinental Aqaba Hotel which aired on Mood FM Jordan.

For our international voiceover artists, the very talented Katrin dubbed the voices of several characters - in English, German and French -for Trion World's new "End of Nations" video game, American voice talents Kari voiced for Ernst and Young and Paul for Easi-Dec. Our huge volume of work for Bowers and Wilkins continued with Vladimir recording in
Russian, Michel in French, Ruben in Spanish voiceover, the German was voiced by Christoph and Steffan did the English version of their airplay app

For the other UK male voiceover artists Simon recorded a voiceover for an animation for E-landers, David V voiced for Sony and Ricky was the Voice of God at this year's Butcher Shop of the Year Awards in London, working alongside BBC Radio 4's Garry Richardson as well as voicing a video for Balfour Beatty