Thursday, 28 February 2013

Voiceover News for February 2013

For the first time in my life I went ski-ing. In February I took a week off to visit Morzine in the French Alps.

I came back more exhausted than when I went away! No broken bones - just a bruised ego. A highlight was a wonderful restaurant  on the Swiss/French border.    

Zoe, Andrew, James and John held the fort manfully (and womanfully) in my absence.

When I got back I recorded a voiceover for an instructional video for KFC's Kreamball. Steffan voiced again for SAB Miller, James K recorded for Fan Hub and Graeme recorded a commercial for Jem Carpets airing on STV.

For the female voices, Corrie recorded a voiceover for the Operational Research Society, Scarlett voiced for Sonovate and Gwen lent her lovely tones to the South Wales Fire and Resuce Service - in both English and Welsh.

Amongst our International Voices, Oliver recorded a German voiceover for Exponential, Matt C voiced for Sonovate, Bobbin recorded a commercial airing on Mood FM Jordan and Saskia recorded a Dutch voiceover for Exponential.

And finally Michel recorded a French voiceover for Bowers and Wilkins' Zeppelin Air set up; Ruben S did the same in Spanish and Christoph took care of the German version. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thoughts on Voiceover Marketing

Did you know that Inbound Marketing is becoming more important to a voiceover and audio production business these days than Outbound Marketing?

I certainly didn’t. Until I read an article this week I had no idea what Inbound or Outbound Marketing were.

To save you the time of reading what was an unnecessarily long e-book full of pie charts and diagrams I can summarise it for you.

Here is a list of marketing techniques in order of importance:

Linked In
Email Campaigns
Direct Marketing
Trade Shows

The bottom three (Outbound Marketing) are becoming less and less important to gaining sales leads and the top three (Inbound Marketing) are becoming more and more important for generating hot voiceover and audio production leads.

The Inbound Marketing - along with PPC (Google Adwords) is where we have been putting our effort for years and will continue to do so - as the cost to our voiceover business for each lead generated is a lot less than the Outbound Marketing. 

It's great to know that we have been doing the right things all along - without knowing it.

So where will you put your time, effort and money in future?

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Characterful Voiceover Month for January 2013

It was a characterful month here at BigFish Media towers!

Our Voiceover Artist of the Month is Mahmoud E who voiced several characters in SEGA's video game "Total War: Rome 2" .  Great gig!

It was certainly a month full of character voiceovers as Colin C and Matt C recorded character voiceovers for an Otrivin advert. And both John and Charlotte recorded character voiceovers  for a Cyber Security online training video.

Among our other international voiceover artists Valentino recorded an Italian voiceover for Bowers and Wilkins' Zeppelin Air set up - Vladimir did the same in Russian

For the UK Female Voiceover Artists Jules recorded another voiceover for SCA and Scarlett voiced a dozen product videos for Lakeland.

For the UK Male Voiceover Artists Ricky recorded a voiceover for a web video for Schneider Electric and for an induction video for Centrica's South Humber Bank Power Station. Dave F lent his vocal tonesto SCC TITAN, Graeme recorded for AESCAP, Mike was booked again by Optasense, Malcolm voiced for the National Grid and James K recorded even more promos for Football DVDs.