Sunday, 30 June 2013

Voiceover News June 2013

Here is what our voiceover artists have been up to this month:

We carried out the Translation of an E-Learning programme from English to French, Chinese Mandarin, Hindi and Spanish. We also gave Voice Training to new voiceover artist Nick from Bristol and made a Voiceover Showreel for Smooth Radio Presenter Dave Brown.

For the UK Male voices, Mike recorded a voiceover for GiffGaff, Taylor voiced for Kalixa Pay and Craig recorded on hold telephone messages for At800. Ricky did a health and safety video for Kings Gate and was also the Voice of God at the Pf (Pharmaceutical) Awards with comedian Ed Byrne.

For the UK Female voices, Sally voiced on-hold prompts for Cornish Cottage Holidays, Jacky recorded a voiceover for Schneider Electric, Michelle voiced for Jardine Motors Group Helen S for Unilever.

And for our international voices, Fernao recorded a voiceover in Brazilian Portuguese for Vision Engineering Vittorio did the same in Latin American Spanish and Tina voiced in Austrian for Erwinaze.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Waiting for Voiceover Commissions

In the last few weeks here at BigFish Media, we have had several very old quotes come back to life long after we had thought they were dead.

This happens from time to time with our ageing quotes - but this time we had two quotes which were both more than four months old, finally pay off.

Both are large projects involving translation and recording voiceovers in several languages - and so each is being spread out over a couple of months. So each will end up being at least 6 months from initial enquiry to project completion.

We are also doing some audio production - some 6 months after the client first contacted us.

It's a nice surprise when this happens but I wonder what was your longest period from initial enquiry to the project being green lit - or even completed?