Thursday, 15 August 2013

How will a voiceover showreel help your career?

It's simple. You cannot get started in the voiceover business without a professionally made Voiceover Showreel. You may be able to technically mix audio at home but are you the best judge of how your own voice sounds and what you are best at voicing? Almost definitely not.

Just to show off a bit, here is a lovely unsolicited testimonial from a client who came to BigFish Media
to get his first Voiceover Showreel made. We also gave him very useful advice:

Hi Ricky

Hope you're well? I've been meaning to email you for a while to let you know how I've got on.

I took your advice and put myself on the BBC voicebank. That gave me a lot of practice doing random scripts for all manner of local stations and bizarrely even Radio 1.

After a month of pinging the demo around externally, there were a few small production companies that gave me some work. I continue to get on average half a dozen or so gigs from these each month. Ironically all of which seem to be ex-BBC people. It's all lovely and laid-back, even though there's some bizarre 'confidential' paperwork from some of the clients!

Most of the scripts have been for on-hold material, TV adverts and audio-guides abroad. The money is good, although the casting sessions seem to be best paid, and I've been up to London quite a bit auditioning for all manner of bizarre new products from big companies. There also seems to be quite a demand for the ability to record and edit my own VO, which suits me perfectly as I'm editing in my sleep every day.

They seem to like the fact I'm unashamedly bland - so the public school education was worth it after all...!

I just wanted to say if it wasn't for your expertise with the demo and the experience to be able to learn my limits, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this - so thanks again.

Best wishes,
Richard, Southampton

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You can hear Richard's latest voiceover job here: 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Our Voiceover for the new Sure Compressed TV Commercial

Well, what a month!

The undoubted star of the show is our brand new signing
Arianne who's first job for us was to do the voiceover for a brand new TV and cinema commercial for Sure Compressed. It's on your tellybox now!

Amongst our other female voices Immy recorded a voiceover for Axis Communications, Scarlett voiced for Littlewoods and Corrie worked once again for Clik.

For the boys, Craig recorded an instructional video for At800, Calum recorded character voices for The Numbers Game and Number Order phone apps, Ricky voiced for Zoetis and Easi-Dec, Matt H for
Jardine Motors Group and Paul S was hired by Scotia Gas Networks

As far as our audio production is concerned, we produced an On-Hold Message for Wigan Borough Council voiced by Glenda and we made a Voiceover Showreels for TV Presenter Tim E and actor Nick Payne from Bristol.

And, in a bumper month for our international talent, Dave C voiced a commercial for Vintage Lounge and Restaurant airing on Mood FM in Jordan, Giovanni recorded a voiceover in Italian for Kalixa Pay, Andreas voiced a webspot in German for ActivTrades and a video for Kalixa Accept and Yun recorded an E-Learning programme in Chinese Mandarin; Michel took the French version.

And finally Max recorded a voiceover in Italian for Vision Engineering,  Roy did the German and the Chinese Mandarin version was taken care of by Adrian