Thursday, 16 January 2014

How will Voice Training help me?

So you would like to be a Voiceover Artist? 

Or maybe you just need some help with public speaking?

Or help with speaking confidently at a meeting at work?

We can help you!

We offer one-to-one training with one of our qualified, friendly and experienced Voice Coaches in London, Surrey or Bristol.

This doesn't have to happen in a Voiceover booth but if you come to our studio in Woking, if you wish, this can be included as part of your training.

During your Voice Training you will learn:

How to breathe properly, quietly and in the right places in a sentence

How to avoid mouth noises, mouth clicks etc

How to warm up your voice and how important that is before you start doing a voiceover session  - especially if you are going to be voicing for hours

How to talk clearly so that each and every word and syllable is heard

How to avoid stumbling over certain words. We all have them: digital, authoritative, quantitative easing and innovative are some of our favourites!
How to vary your read from serious and authoritative to friendly and upbeat How to prepare your script before you go into the booth 

How to use a microphone and avoid popping                 

How to deliver a nicely modulated voice and vary your reading style, pitch and tone 

How to describe your voice and which styles suit your voice best  

Once you have had your Voice Training, you may like us to produce a voice reel for you. Once we have done this for you, we'll give you information about the next step: Marketing! Which directories and pay-to-play websites should you get your voice listed on as well as a list of Voiceover Agents to approach.
If you would then Here you can find out more about our Voice Training or call us for a chat on 01483 750578